a) Accommodation services at three star classification, under classification certificate issued by the Ministry of Tourism. Marketing of accommodation is made by the hotel reception or through travel agencies with which the company has signed cooperation agreements.

b) Catering services:
- Serving to illustrate the rich tourist menus traditional Romanian cuisine, but also international cuisine
- Preparation and serving of meals for tourists are in treatment and framing them in mass allocations set (diet established according to clinical cure)

c) Spa services - physiotherapy offered through balneologist doctor - employee company, base treatment inside the hotel "Select". For this category of tourists following service benefits:

  • tourists that use the service "treatment in Olanesti ticket (stay of 18 days)
  • tourists who seek health treatment and physiotherapy, through agencies or directly at the reception
  • any person - even local - which require making physiotherapy treatment

d) Recreation and leisure services
Rooms in the "Select", customers can enjoy recreational and leisure services, high quality standards. Both the hotel tourists, and residents may contract such services without prior request, access is allowed inside the pool all categories of clients. The pool is so arranged that the potential client to provide all necessary facilities: chairs, towels, umbrellas, minibars, showers and changing cabins.

e) Occasional services
Hotel "Select" also provides, on request, organizing services days birthdays, on various topics, making available to its dining room, with menu choice from a range of offers, based on preferences and theme of the event.

This service is provided on demand, at least 10 days before the date of the event, thus ensuring the required range planning and coordination of action and providing quality service standards.

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